Luminous word,Resin word,Blister word,LED word

Guangzhou zhenghui resin technology co., LTD£¬The company was founded in 1992, the general taxpayer, subordinate 16 factories, is a one-stop production of professional advertising design company, after years of exploration and practice to draw domestic and foreign high-end technology essence, large compared to the similar products, to optimize the technology content, technology level, a number of technical problems, realized the perfect combination of the application materials and production process, has formed a set of unique technology and exquisite quality, become the partner of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, has been unanimously praised in the industry, in 2009 to enter the LED market, the company production of the national designated Samsung, Huawei, gradient glow word, resin word, Samsung, LED luminous characters, image wall the word, word plastic resin, light box, crystal word word, LED full-color monochrome display, all the products with high quality, and has a good cost advantage, indoor door recruitment of LOGO is mainly used in the electronics industry, mobile phone industry, Nokia, Samsung, apple, Gionee showcase factory, designer clothing, cosmetics industry and the industry chain my company all staff is willing to make persistent efforts, the old and new customers, explore together to make high quality products without Effort! In the increasingly fierce market competition, the company spirit of "open up the market, social services, common development" principle, continue technical support to the advertising industry and related industries to provide the best quality characters, the best quality service and the most satisfactory and perfect after sale service.

zhenghui idea

In the information society, globalization based on "the age of visual culture" as an opportunity, to the interests of customers first, service quality as the fundamental. In the process of visual history resources, resources of knowledge information, information, we know that customer trust, peer praise shall be not easily won. Sincere cooperation we cherish each and every customer. We will as in the past to offer you all sincerity.

The spirit of enterprise:

To create value, share value of the enterprise, the staff unremitting self-improvement, do good own job, self perfection, the achievements of others;

Enterprise target:

Customer success is our success;

Business strategy:

The source of enterprise talent is. Man proposes, Invictus, people-oriented, steadfast loyalty, cooperate with absolute sincerity;

The enterprise values:

To superior quality, the pursuit of better development;

Business philosophy:

From the market, based on sincerity, customer loyalty, it's perfection itself;

Safety concept:

Safety above all, responsibility be weightier than Mount tai.